performing welding & repairs

on yourJob-Site

 What makes this line of work very personal is the term "Best Effort" repair. use Google translate

 In construction an architect and engineer develop prints and specifications for how a job is to be done.  However, in most cases we're going to have to make some assumptions to get the equipment fixed.  The number one toughest and riskiest job is pressurized aluminum vessels.  Either wrought or cast aluminum it makes no difference.

** Consultation - Basically anything more than a phone call and the review of prints and or photos 

*Travel Time - Is equated from my base of operations to your job-site and then back to my base of operations in Newnan, Georgia

    I've noticed something that I'd like to share. use Google translate

You can't go to McDonalds and buy a biscuit with out paying 100% upfront.  Why do they do this?  Does the fast food restaurant not trust you with 2 dollars worth of merchandise?  

You go to the vending machine. Does it give you the bag of chips valued at .65 cents then you deposit the money? No.

When you purchase gasoline you pay at the pump by securing you debit or credit card information on file with reader or walking inside and prepaying the pump attendant.  Everywhere we go in our personal lives we have to prepay.

Why does this phenomenon not show itself apparent in the business world?

I hope to help bring this transition, and I hope that customers won't take offense at my approach.  I perform very complicated tasks, but my payment terms are simple.  

If you want something in life you have to pay for it.  If you want my services then you have to pay for them.

Service calls are paid upfront, that covers travel time* and the 1.5 hours of labor.  It's the customer's job to reserve the appropriate amount of time to complete their job.  Additional time is $55 per hour.  Also Consultations** and written Estimates are billed the same as all other Travel time and/or Welding.  

An informed and/or motivated hands on customer will save themselves some money.  Uninformed and poorly prepared customers will pay top-dollar.  Why?  Because you're leaving the estimate and menial work up to Roughton's Welding LLC to perform.  

   Time is money.